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State government is truly a digital business. From education to healthcare, the environment to the economy, transportation to public safety & beyond, the work of more than 150 agencies across Massachusetts touches virtually every aspect of our lives. A dedicated, diverse team of 1,500+ mission-driven IT professionals supports this vital work. As our team grows, we are looking for self-starters who are passionate about government to join us.

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More about Peter Grace

While it may surprise some, mapping technology plays a big role in the quick coordination and delivery of emergency services. Specifically, the Next Generation 911 (NG911) system gives first responders better and more accurate information. NG911 is powered by a mapping and address database managed by MassGIS — the state’s geospatial data and mapping organization.

This new technology is a promising development in the high-stakes world of emergency response, and public officials have already noted that the new mapping is more clear, organized, and useful. It could help reduce emergency response times and misrouted calls in the future, potentially saving lives. NG911 is a great example of how the work at Tech Services and Security touches the lives of every person in Massachusetts.

“As a data person, I can’t imagine a project that is more relevant or impactful. In addition to the work being rewarding, the environment here has been collaborative and supportive.”


More about Julia Gutierrez

Growing up on the U.S.-Mexico border, Julia Gutierrez was always interested in how government can improve people’s lives. She built what became the Mass.gov customer success program, interviewing authors about their content creation experience and designing a ticketing system, knowledge base, and newsletter to suit their needs.

Today, she works with agencies across the Commonwealth on a variety of long-term research and development projects, partnering with agencies like MassWildlife and the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development to reimagine how they deliver services to constituents online. With the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA), for example, Julia’s team studied web analytics and user research data to better understand how constituents navigate between Mass.gov and DTA Connect, so they could make the experience more effective and efficient.

“We get to work alongside smart, passionate people in a lot of different subject areas. The team is mission-driven around helping and improving constituent lives.”

More about Sangit Tamang

Sangit Tamang began his career in public service 11 years ago in Year Up, a program that provides 6 months of training in IT or business management. Leveraging his IT training, Sangit was given an internship and eventually became a full-time employee. Sangit has used the opportunity to sharpen his technical and business knowledge, to building a career in IT through various roles in the Commonwealth.

Today, Sangit works with offices and agencies across State government to secure their data and implement advanced IT solutions to protect constituent information.

“It makes you feel good to be able to build your career and at the same time help constituents. It makes you really want to perform your best and accomplish critical things for constituents, the organization and yourself.”